Saturday, March 15, 2014

Two-way race in PNM - Rowley vs Penny

Keith Rowley and his supporters arrive at party HQ for the nomination process. Guardian Photo
At the close of nominations on Friday the People's National Movement had only two candidates for the leadership election on May 18 - incumbent Dr Keith Rowley and former Arima MP and Senator, Pennelope Beckles-Robinson.

Each will be running with a slate of candidates. There will also be seven independents. The election is the first in the history of the party to be contested on a one-member, one-vote basis and both leadership candidates have mounted major national campaigns.

Beckles-Robinson's campaign theme in "Inspiring Change." She told local media her political opponents are "resistant to change within the democratic process".

Dr Keith Rowley’s slate
  1. Political Leader—Dr Keith Rowley
  2. Chairman—Franklin Khan
  3. Vice-Chairman—Colm Imbert
  4. Lady Vice-Chairman—Camille Robinson-Regis
  5. General Secretary—Ashton Ford
  6. Assistant General Secretary—Daniel Dookie
  7. Treasurer—Raymond Tim Kee
  8. Education Officer—Anthony Garcia
  9. Public Relation Officer—Faris Al-Rawi
  10. Labour Relation Officer—Jennifer Baptiste-Primus
  11. Election Officer—Foster Cummings
  12. Field Officer—Indar Parasram
  13. Welfare Officer—Joycelyn Bodden
  14. Youth Officer—Fitzgerald Hinds
  15. Operations Officer—Irene Hinds
Pennelope Beckles slate
  1. Political Leader—Penelope Beckles-Robinson 
  2. Chairman—Danny Montano 
  3. Vice-Chairman—Cagney Cassimere 
  4. General Secretary—Ronald Boynes 
  5. Lady Vice-Chairman—Marvia Bellamy-Bostic 
  6. Assistant General Secretary—Clifford Campbell
  7. Election Officer—Esau Mohammed
  8. Field Officer—Bose Sharma
  9. Welfare Officer—Heather Walker
  10. Operations Officer—Eber Steele
  11. Youth Officer—Jamal Steele
  12. Education Officer—Joanne Lima-Neaves
  1. Vice-Chairman—Harvey Borris
  2. Assistant General Secretary—Richard Noray
  3. Education Officer—Cecil Supersad Koylass
  4. Youth Officer—Dane SG Wilson
  5. Public Relations Officer—Nal Ramsingh
  6. Labour Relation Officer—Andrew Alves
  7. Treasurer—Mariano Browne

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