Saturday, March 15, 2014

Penny calls out bullies in PNM; slams McDonald

Pennelope Beckles-Robinson on Friday accused some members of her party of "bullying, intimidation and threatening".  She made the comments to local media when she and members of her team went to Balisier House to file nomination papers for the May 18 internal election of the People's National Movement (PNM). 

She is challenging PNM leader Keith Rowley for the leadership. While Rowley nominated a full slate of 15 executive members, the slate of Beckcles-Robinson is short of three, which might suggest that she might be getting silent support from among the seven independents. 

On Wednesday, Port of Spain South MP Marlene McDonald, who is on Rowley's slate, gave Rowley's opponent a tongue lashing saying Beckles-Robinson has no ideas, has performed badly in the Senate and is not fit to lead the PNM in an election. 

Beckles-Robinson used McDonald's attack to illustrate her concerns. "Just think of how Ms McDonald is speaking," Beckles-Robinson said Friday. 

"This isn’t a campaign of bullying, threatening and intimidating people, but if you go to any of the constituencies, they’ll tell you this is how they’ve been operating. They just don’t understand what democracy is about and the fact is they’re afraid of change and its consequences. 

"But they need to wake up to the fact PNMites want change and this will take place, come May 18," she added. 
"Ms McDonald is a little behind times. We’re no longer in the delegate system. It’s one-man-one-vote. Ms McDonald needs to understand she only has one vote. She has the right to criticise and choose whoever is capable and competent. But she must remember we’re not in the delegate system. Democracy is about the right to choose and who’s best to run PNM," Beckles-Robinson stated.

McDonald had also criticised Beckles-Robinson’s leadership of the Women’s League. Beckles-Robinson suggested that her colleague had no moral authority to make such a statement. "Ask her how many league meetings she attended. 

“She’s not capable and competent to criticise on anything in relation to what happens in the League. “She attended one meeting, at my request. Other than that we’ve never seen her. So she’s not in a position to comment at all on how the League functions.”

She also responded to McDonald’s criticism of her parliamentary record and suggested she should question her own record. "My Senate contributions are on record for examination. She should also listen to the comments of Independent senators and other colleagues in respect of this. Talk is cheap." 

The challenger said she is confident that she would win. And she made it clear that she is PNM forever. "I have absolutely no reason whatsoever, whatever the outcome or consequences, to be part of any other political organisation save PNM." 

Rowley is also confident that he would keep his job. He told reporters he has a superior record.

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