Friday, January 24, 2014

Remember Mr. Big? Soon you will find out who he is: Patrick Manning

Former Prime Minister Patrick Manning's latest tweet is suggesting that "Mr Big's" identity would soon be known.

That's what he said in his latest tweet and facebook entry: "Remember Mr. Big? Soon you will find out who he is."

It is Manning who first raised the title of an elleged criminal kingpin named "Mr. Big". He told the House of Representatives in 2005 that he knows "Mr. Big" but never revealed the person's identity.

In 2011, John Sandy, who was national security minister at the time, called on Manning to name the criminal mastermind.

"He had said he knew who Mr Big was," Sandy said, "It would be informative for us if he would share that information,” the minister aded. But Manning had nothing to say.

When Jack Warner became the new national security minister he pledged to go after the "Mr Bigs". Speaking in Parliament in 2012, Warner said the "Mr Bigs" are the ones behind the drugs in the country.

"The drug trade is not some little boys with five ounce of coke in the street you know," he declared. "The drug trade have some big big guys who are backed and supported not on this side by us. I won't say by who," said Warner.

"We are going after them and who vex, vex," he said. "They are spoiling our young people, our children are in danger...we have to find the Mr Bigs of this country and put them where they belong," Warner said.

Manning first mentioned “Mr Big” following a series of daylight explosions in garbage cans around Port-of-Spain. The first one at the corner of Frederick and Queen Streets injured several people. Another explosion was outside the Smokey and Bunty bar, in St James, a popular liming spot for PNMites.

Police have never charged anyone for the dustbin bombings although Manning assured Parliament that he had "a good idea" who was behind the bombings and stated that evidence was being collected to ensure justice was done to “Mr Big.”

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