Friday, January 24, 2014

Integrity Commission wants tribunal to probe Jack

Jack Warner
The Integrity Commission has sent a note to President Anthony Carmona asking him to appoint a tribunal to investigate Chaguanas West MP and former cabinet minister, Jack Warner.

However, in an interview with the Express newspaper, the leader of the Independent Liberal Party stated that he finds the timing of this development strange.

"It is passing strange that the issue in the air now is about a drug bust and the Integrity Commission sees it fit to use this as a diversion, no doubt, under instructions, to come up with an investigation in an issue where neither FIFA nor Concacaf has shown an interest...

“It is a smokescreen. The timing of the commission’s statement is suspicious, but my lawyers and I will deal with it in the fullness of time," the Express quoted Warner as saying.

The tribunal's role would be to determine if Warner’s declarations of his income, assets and liabilities to the Integrity Commission can stand scrutiny and constitute full disclosure of his financial affairs.

The release from the Commission is printed below:

The Integrity Commission of Trinidad and Tobago took note in April 2013 of a report from the Integrity Committee of the Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Associations of Football (Conca­caf), alleging Mr Jack Warner, a for­mer Gov­ern­ment minister, committed fraud against Conca­caf and FIFA, in connection with the Centre of Excellence and in respect of financial statements of Conca­caf.

In the interest of the public, the commission decided to enquire further into these allegations of fraud. Section 33 (a) of the Integrity in Public Life Act (IPLA) states the commission:

(a) “May on its own initiative... consider and enquire into any alleged breaches of the act or any alle­gations of corrupt or dishonest conduct.”

In pursuance thereof, the commission has written to the President of the Republic, His Excellency Mr Anthony Thomas Aquinas Carmona, SC, ORTT, in accordance with Section 15 of the IPLA, requesting the appointment of a tribu­nal to enquire further into declarations submitted by Mr Warner.

Section 15 of the IPLA states:

“Where upon the examination referred to in Section 13, the commission is of the opinion that it should enquire further into any declaration so as to ascertain whether there has been a full disclosure, it may advise the President to appoint a tribunal of two or more of its members to conduct an enquiry to verify the contents of the declaration or the statement filed with the commission.”

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