Saturday, July 13, 2013

Jack to launch onsite healthcare services July 30

Jack Warner
Jack Warner announced Friday night that he is funding a health care service for the people of Chaguanas West.

In a speech in Caroni he noted the health issues that thousands face in Trinidad and Tobago, including obesity, which brings on other ailments. 

A United Nations report published this week stated that Trinidad and Tobagi is number six in world rankings of the most obese and that 30 per cent of adults in the country are obese.

"In addition to being overweight, there is hypertension, diabetes and heart disease which are the main lifestyle diseases crippling us today," he said. He said as MP he started medical clinics to help the people.

"I will tell you something tonight. Jack Warner is taking this one step further in meeting your health care needs. 

"Come July 30th, 2013 I will be introducing to the constituents of Chaguanas West a new and revolutionary service that will provide an aggressive attempt to deal with the current health crisis facing our country. This service will be known as 'Onsite Doctors - Doctors at your door steps'."

He said the service would provide a holistic, mobile healthcare service that would include doctors, dietitians, personal trainers, nurses and physiotherapists who would visit people at their homes or workplace.

"This service is for everyone in Chaguanas West, from children to elderly bedridden patients.

"With this service you would be able to access healthcare at your home including blood tests, IV fluids (drips), medications, general medicals and chronic disease screening, just to name a few.

"You will also have access to personalized weight loss and fitness programs at your home and if I didn't mention it before.... this service will be FREE to you and your children of Chaguanas West. So when you visit my office requesting medical assistance, instead of sending you to my doctors I will send my doctors to you."

He said he is beginning the service in Chaguanas West because "charity begins at home" and added that onsite doctors would spread across the country.

Warner also announced the formation of a "Youth For Warner". He said the group comprises young people who want to "develop a formidable force" to improve the country.

He said they insisted on Youth for Warner as opposed to Youths for T&T because they told he he is the change this country desperately needs right."I can't argue with that," he said, "So I gave them my blessing to proceed.

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