Saturday, July 13, 2013

"Where the money gone?". UNC leader asks for account of $$ allocated for CWC

L-R: UNC CWC candidate Khadijah Ameen, UNC Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar,
MP Clifton DeCoteau and MP Suruj Rambachan
Kamla Persad-Bissessar told supporters on Thursday night although Jack Warner has boasted about the best representation for Chaguanas West she is not seeing the evidence during her walkabouts in the constituency.

At a cottage meeting following as walkabout the leader of the United National Congress (UNC) said the government had approved the money for infrastructure development but the work has not been done. "Where the money gone?" she asked.

She promised that at the next Monday Night Forum in Chaguanas West, she would disclose the amount of money that was allocated for the improvement of drains, roads and other infrastructure in the community.

She said as she walked among the people she heard numerous complaints about clogged drains and bad roads. As a result she promised that the Ministry of Works was conduct an audit to determine how much money was approved and allotted for the area.

“I cannot see where the money has gone...for the amount of money allocated to this constituency I am not seeing the work,” she said.

The UNC campaign is focusing on the needs of the Chaguanas West and the allegations that the former MP is trying to bring down the government.

One pollster told JYOTI on Friday Jack Warner's decision to form a political party opposed to the UNC has not worked in his favour in the by-election. He said people are now starting to buy into the UNC message that Warner never intended to remain in the UNC and that he has a bigger plan to unseat the government

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