Saturday, July 13, 2013

Lettter: Jack needs to redeem himself

Two things need to be understood about charisma:

  • it takes time to develop, so could be manufactured—the film industry is expert at this
  • persons who have it fall into one of two categories—they’re loved, they’re hated; there’s no lukewarm, no in between
For 40 years Jack Warner has been in the limelight as a heavyweight in local and international football. A whole generation has grown up not knowing what life was like without him. Undoubtedly, Jack has charisma. The question is: does his positive image outweigh the negative? A quick glance at his history would tell.

Over the years, Jack:
  • Become a top honcho of FIFA—Positive One
  • As a result, acquired great personal influence and wealth—Positive Two
  • Used most of that wealth to make his family and close friends very comfortable—Positive Three
  • Helped a number of persons in financial difficulty—Positive Four
The trouble is, recent damning FIFA disclosures strongly suggest Jack committed a string of fouls in trotting up the ladder of FIFA and his vast riches—Negatives One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven and Twelve.

To date, he has not cleared his name—Negative Thirteen.

FOUR positives! THIRTEEN negatives! People aren’t upset with Jack because he did wrong—they’re vexed because his faults greatly outweigh his positives. If Jack was in the cinema watching a movie of his life, he and all would be steupsing and cussing over the main character’s misconduct!

A sensible Jack would have taken stock of himself following the Simmons report. Wise persons operate that way after being told they have cancer. Initially, that seemed to be what he was doing; it turned out he doesn’t care a fig—the man’s desperately trying to squeeze back into Parliament toting a backpack of negatives.

Intense media focus on Chaguanas West has thrown up the true condition of what was touted to be the best represented constituency in the world—walking through the area is like stepping backward in time—under Jack Warner, Chaguanas West has fallen behind. The Prime Minister has rightly queried how that’s possible. Suddenly, Jack’s re-election campaign seems to have hit a brick wall. He'll resort to mudslinging to revive it.

Despite everything, I still like Jack and don’t wish to see him die without clearing his name. I urge you, Jack, forget politics and focus on saving your legacy from being totally shredded on July 29th 2013.

Judy Francis | Edinburgh 500, Chaguanas.

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