Monday, July 8, 2013

Green meets yellow; Ameen confident of winning in CWC

Khadijah Ameen greets a supporter of Jack Warner
Khadijah Ameen shook hands with the opposition during a walkabout over the weekend, demonstrating that everyone is always welcome in the UNC.

And he has said she is not bothered about negative remarks made about her. "As a woman in public life you sometimes face things that are not in the glare of the media, there were some trying times in politics," she told local media.

She acknowledged that Jack Warner has been a good representative for Chaguanas West and wished him well. However she also pointed out that she is confident that she would win the July 29 byelection in Chaguanas West.

Ameen said her reputation can withstand any scrutiny. She added that she has been in public life for more than ten years and her character is unblemished. "I am in nobody's pocket," she said at a political meeting last week.
Newsday photos of UNC walkabout

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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