Monday, July 8, 2013

Letter: Jack's house of straws can be blown away

It seems that, for Jack Warner, the approaching Chaguanas West bye-election is more about building a straw house to shield his excess baggage from some impending whirlwind than ensuring proper representation for the constituency.

Yesterday (Sunday), a story surfaced, which resurrected deprecatory remarks made 4 or 5 years ago by then St Augustine MP, Vasant Bharath, about Khadijah Ameen, when UNC was in turmoil.

When Bharath's comments were originally made, Jack Warner chastised him harshly. Warner, at the time, was in a bitter and open struggle with Panday and Bharath for control of the UNC.

It's therefore surprising today Jack would be quoted as saying he had only came to Miss Ameen's defence because he felt that to attack her in the public would have damaged her and the party at the time.

The articles also pointed out that Bharath’s email was sent in December 2009 to all UNC members who then comprised the Opposition. Being one, Jack must tell us why he, or someone in his camp, leaked this email at this time?

He must answer, because now is an odd time for this private email to hit the headlines: in the heat of his election campaign against Miss Ameen, he having broken away from the UNC and formed his own party, in other words, he having turned his back on the political party that gave him local credibility despite his FIFA subterfuges.

Bluntly speaking, Jack is the only one who could benefit by this red herring attempt to discredit Miss Ameen and the UNC, at this time.

I've pitied you, Mr Warner, for a long time, because you seem unable to be statesmanlike at any time. I hope voters will deal with you at the right time, so the country's political landscape can become clean.

Jacqueline George | Bon Air Gardens, Arouca.

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