Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Gafoor says Gordon should quit as chairman of IC

Gladys Gafoor: “Mr Gordon ought to be have been more prudent.”

Former Deputy Chair of the Integrity Commission Gladys Gafoors has said Ken Gordon should step down as chairman of the Commission.
In an interview with the Express newspaper she said, "He should not be the chairman of an Integrity Commission, which is an important independent institution and which has to think independently and objectively.” 
Gafoor was commenting on the controversy over a meeting Gordon had at his home with Opposition Leader Keith Rowley five days before Rowley presented a no confidence motion in the government in Parliament.
“Why are you inviting anybody, whether it be Mr Rowley, the Attorney General, the Prime Minister; why are you inviting someone to your home and offering them a drink and then saying they didn’t take it? Of what use is that?” Gafoor asked.

Gafoor insisted that Gordon must accept the blame for this because he is the person who invited Rowley to his home.
“If I were the chairman and someone wanted to speak to me, whoever it may be, I first of all wouldn’t return the calls. He called Mr Rowley twice! I would say, ‘Mr Rowley, there is a procedure. Write to the registrar and seek an appointment with me',” she told the paper.

She suggested that if she were in Gordon's position she would have advised Rowley to follow the procedure. “Mr Gordon ought to be have been more prudent,” she said.

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