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Ken Gordon insists he did nothing wrong; would make statement

Ken Gordon: “My one major concern in all this is that there should be minimum harm to the Integrity Commission." 
Ken Gordon the Ria Taitt of the Trinidad Express he did the right thing when he decided to have a private meeting with Opposition Leader Keith Rowley at his home on May 15.

The details of that meeting only came out after Government House Leader Dr Roodal Moonilal raised the matter in Parliament last week. He wanted to know if Rowley held a meeting with a "high official" of the commission on May 15 at then home of the official. 

He asked the question on June 13 and up to that date neither of the two persons at the meeting had informed anyone. However, when a reporter asked the Integrity Commission he received an aide memoir prepared by Gordon after the meeting.

In that document Gordon stated that he met with Rowley at his private residence on the evening of May 15. He said Rowley had called his office seeking a meeting to discuss a matter that was urgent. Attempts to reach Rowley during the day failed and he only made phone contact with the opposition leader around 6:00 p.m. at which time he invited Rowley home.

At that meeting he gave Rowley confidential information relating to the emails that Rowley had forwarded to the president. 

Rowley stated last Friday that the meeting was not a matter of concern and added that he had advised the Parliament of it. However the Hansard has no record of him telling Parliament anything about the meeting and the Attorney General has challenged Rowley to prove that he did.

Since then both Rowley and Gordon have been under attack by politicians, commentators and citizens. The consensus has been that they breached the confidentiality rules of the Commission and should resign.

However in an interview with Taitt Gordon said he is considering whether to make a statement but in the meantime he is watching "the incredulous developments.” He said he would explain later why he used that term.

Taitt asked him if he should remain at the Integrity Commission. He said any statement he makes would take everything into account.

This is what the paper quoted Gordon as saying: “My one major concern in all this is that there should be minimum harm to the Integrity Commission. 

"The Integrity Commission has come out of a very difficult period and it is working its way well, and I fear that any prolonged situation here is likely to affect it adversely, and that is the thing that is occupying my mind, more than anything else.

“For myself, this really doesn’t bother me. The truth is that I know absolutely that I did the right thing. And my concern would be how far anything may affect the commission adversely. That’s basically my concern,” he said.

The Express also asked about why he has not released the name of the Senior Counsel who advised the Integrity Commission that it has the jurisdiction to investigate the e-mails. She said that is not an issue and dismissed as "nonsense" concerns raised by the AG that the attorney could be one of Rowley's lawyers.

He also dismissed concerns raised by the AG and the Prime Minister that the meeting with Rowley might be part of a larger conspiracy to try to topple the Government. “If that in any way relates to me that is the height of absurdity, and you can quote me on that,” he told the paper.

Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar has written to President Anthony Carmona on the issue. However he office has not released any details of the letter.

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