Sunday, June 16, 2013

Careless move by Dr. Rowley

What we are seeing here is a breach of the IC Act by Dr Rowley.

"I reminded Dr Rowley that it is not the practice of the Commission to disclose the matters which are before the Commission," Gordon states.

What was so urgent that Dr Rowley had to meet at the Commissioner's house like a thief in the night I ask. Why not an open and publicized meeting? 

This really compromises the validity of Rowley's allegations. Since this scandal broke the PNM has been pushing for the IC to investigate now we have the leader secretly meeting the Commissioner.

Let's say everything was all fair and good, how does it look to the public? What if it was Ramlogan or the PM in the place of Rowley? The tune would have been fiercely different. The Opposition would not have let that go so easily as they are trying to brush this issue off their shoulders presently.

This Act by the Opposition Leader was extremely careless and without thought of the consequences. This definitely compromises the 'independence' of the investigation. 

It is my personal feeling that we leave this up to foreign investigators if we really want an independent report.

The Opposition is in no place to dictate who should investigate this matter and how as we have been seen them doing of late.
Allan Hewitt | Maraval

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