Sunday, June 16, 2013

Rowley takes blame for meeting with Gordon

Keith Rowley is accusing the government of trying to demonise the Chairman of the Integrity Commission and he has said if there is any blame to be taken in respect to the meeting he had with Ken Gordon then he accepts the blame.

The Leader of the Opposition made the statement to the Sunday Express. 

“If there is anybody to account for it, I asked for the meeting, and I am to be held accountable. Mr Gordon allowed me to meet him because I said the matter was urgent,” Rowley said.

He added that Gordon had "no idea what I wanted to raise with him and therefore he cannot be blameworthy in a matter.” 

He said he contacted Gordon's office about a matter of urgency and that by the time both men were able to make phone contact on May 15, 2013 it was already six in the evening and Gordon invited him to stop over.

Rowley said: “Now Ken Gordon’s street is my back street, my house backs onto his street. And he had no idea what I was coming to ask him,” the Opposition Leader told the Express.

Rowley also told the newspaper there was nothing secret about the meeting and that he had said so in Parliament. However, Attorney General Anand Ramlogan told the Express that is not so.

Ramlogan said he checked the Hansard and is certain that Rowley did not talk about the meeting.

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