Saturday, May 18, 2013

Transparency guaranteed in Land for Landless programme; Lots to be sold at $12/sf

Roodal Moonilal said on Friday the Housing Minister would guarantee “fairness and transparency” in next Tuesday’s historic draw for plots of lands in the Land for the Landless programme. He said the accounting firm Ernst and Young would monitor the draw.

The minister also stated that the land is not for free.

Moonilal made the comments at a media conference at the Land Settlement Agency (LSA) at Orange Grove Estate, Tacarigua.

The Land for the Landless Programme was launched in November last year, and all 41 MPs were given application forms. Municipal corporations and other offices of Government also received forms for distribution to applicants.

He said more the LSA has received more than 40,000 applicants for land, so far.” Ten thousand names were selected from that list, using a points system.

“Over the years we recognised we have almost 150,000 applicants for houses, but in some instances, a lot of those applicants, especially those in the lower income group preferred to build their own houses, once they got the land,” the minister explained.

He said when then lots are allocated the Ministry would provide guidance and technical support. Some lots would have a concrete foundation and the state would also provide low interest loans and "other facilities" depending on the economic circumstances of successful applicants.

Moonilal said his Ministry distributes three houses a day. He said the Prime Minister inspired the Land for the Landless programme. However he made it clear that people would have to pay for the lots they receive.

While the market value of the lots range from $200,000 to $300,000 they would be subsidised and sold at $12 a square foot for plots of between 3,000 and 5,000 square foot.

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