Saturday, May 18, 2013

Air Jamaica not to blame for CAL losses: Lalor

The sole Jamaican representative on the board of Caribbean Airlines (CAL) told the Express newspaper Friday Air Jamaica is not to blame for the losses of Trinidad and Tobago's national carrier.
Denis Lalor

Businessman Denis Lalor is the only member of the board who was not fired fired by Finance Minister Larry Howai.

Lalor was head of the Divestment Committee for Air Jamaica. He told the paper  the Trinidad and Tobago Government invested US$49.6 million (TT312M) in Air Jamaica. He added that the revenue stream from the airlines was about US$200 (TT$1.3B) million.

"CAL did not have to do any marketing for the Air Jamaica brand. I had hoped that this investment in the airline would have done what the Federation, Caricom and the West Indies Cricket team had failed to do, which was to create a unified Caribbean airline,” he said. 

Laor told the paper his view is that CAL was inexperienced in dealing with tourism. "They wanted to stamp their Trinidad ownership on the operations and they were insensitive to the nuances of marketing”.However former CAL chairman Rabindra Moonan and Minister in the Ministry of Finance Vasant Bharath say the Air Jamaica deal was costly to CAL. Moonan said he hopes the new board would follow the transformation plan that was started under his chairmanship. 

Bharath is scheduled to go to Jamaica on June 4 with a CAL team to discuss with Jamaican officials CAL's plans for Air Jamaica.

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