Wednesday, May 15, 2013

PM knocks opposition no confidence motion but says it's their right

Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar on Monday scoffed at the latest no confidence motion by the opposition, which is scheduled for debate in the House of Representatives next Monday.

She said that it's the fourth such motion, noting that each was on the same issue and surrounding the same "misguided" facts.

"The first was on March 2nd 2012 against me as Prime Minister.
There was also a motion of Censure against the Attorney General on October 26th 2012. 

"And there was a motion of no confidence in me on the handling of matters pertaining to the former Minister of National Security on April 26th 2012.
Today is the fourth. If we consider the motion on democracy raised in the Senate on April 30th, then this is the fifth," she said. 

Persad-Bissessar made it clear that her government is not opposed to what the opposition is doing because the Standing Orders allow for such motions.

"In democracies these serve as necessary checks and balances against abuse of power.
Trinidad and Tobago is gifted with that reputation of having such transparency and this Government respects and promotes such transparency at all times," she said.

However she said her concern is that "Motion after Motion on the same spent issue is a waste of creative legislative time."

She also slammed the PNM's Public Relations Officer, Faris Al-Rawi, who said on national television on Monday that the motion of no confidence is not about numbers.

"He says motions of no confidence bring to the forefront, national conversation and consciousness to Trinidad and Tobago.
Well I should like to tell the PNM and its PRO, we are concerned that we could be debating more pressing issues of the State. We could have been deliberating on how we deal with such murderers as that of young Sunshine Alfred. 

"Why won’t the PNM give similar time to debate the hanging legislation and other measures geared towards crime?" she asked. "Precious time debating the same thing over and over because this Opposition does not have a legislative agenda." 

She added that the People's Partnership has been performing from day one!

"It started from day one when I pushed aside the formalities and put on my Wellington boots, to go out into the floods to see how we could help people. 
Service is our trademark. Delivery is our hallmark," she said. 

"And what does Rowley have to offer?
He offers politics by distraction, but not one alternative to fight crime. Not a single alternative to any issue facing the nation.

"And that is the man who postures as a future leader. But more on Rowley and the PNM when this Motion comes to the House."

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