Tuesday, May 14, 2013

UNC, COP leaders pledge continued unity and an end to divisive politics; PM holds hands with Volney

Celebrating unity - UNC and COP leaders pledge to continue to work for benefit of country
There was an atmosphere of optimism and hope Monday night as the United National Congress (UNC) and the Congress of the People (COP) came together at the Tunapuna Hindu School to reaffirm their commitment to good governance and unity in the People's Partnership.

The leaders of both parties - Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar and Legal Affairs Minister Prakash Ramadhar - renewed their commitment to work together for the good of the country. 

Ramadhar was speaking when the Prime Minister arrived and was mobbed as she made her way to the stage. She stopped along the way to greet supporters, shake hands and acknowledge even the children. She removed her garland of fresh flowers that was given to her on arrival and put it around the neck of a child. 

Once she made it to the stage she invited members of her cabinet to join her to celebrate the unity, which seemed to be the theme of the evening. She held hands with St Joseph MP Herbert Volney. The former Justice Minister had arrived earlier and sat in the front row of the audience next to Housing Minister Roodal Moonilal.

Later in her speech she acknowledged former St Augustine MPs, including John Humphrey and Dr John Bharath, who stood up against "PNM bulldozers" to protect the rights of his constituents. And she did not forget former COP leader and Tunapuna MP Winston Dookeran, who was unable to attend but sent greetings through a local government councillor.

Ramadhar pledged to continue to work with the UNC and other partners and declared that the coalition is stronger than ever. He pledged that his party would remain loyal and committed to the coalition. However he said there must continue to be mutual respect within the group. 

The Prime Minister reaffirmed her commitment to everyone and declared that no one must ever cause divisions in the country.

"My brothers and sisters tonight I say to you that we are one people, one State with one destiny. If we remain united and focused we will continue to move forward and create a better country for all of us," she said.

"Progress requires dedication, sacrifice and a passionate concern for others," she added.

Persad-Bissessar said for too long politicians have sought power by talking about “WE” and “THEM” and warned that no country can progress in such a divisive environment.

"When our Partnership came into office in 2010 we embraced everyone and that is how it will always be under my leadership. There will never again be in this country and WE and THEM … because there is only one Trinidad and Tobago. 

"We are one people. Carry that message wherever you go; embrace everyone. 
We will not let anybody divide us … never again.

"We share the same land, breathe the same air… the same red blood runs through our veins. We feel the same emotions … hunger has no religion; pain has no race.

"Don’t let anybody divide us...So there is HOPE and there is OPTIMISM. And we are UNITED … as a government and as a people.

"I promise you that no one will distract us from our agenda of service to you and this country. All we ask is for you to continue to believe in your dreams … and we will make them come true."

She closed with the words of HENRY FORD: Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.

"We all want SUCCESS so you have to be united in a common purpose to achieve that. And if you are on the wrong road, you must change course now. "We are waiting to embrace you! Continue to believe … and everything’s gonna be alright!" she said.

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