Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Transparency guaranteed in allocation on 500 'Land for the Landless' lots: PM Kamla

Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar promised on Monday that there will be "no back room" deals in the allocation of homes in the "Land for the Landless" program of the Housing Ministry.

Speaking at a political meeting of the United National Congress (UNC) at the Tunapuna Hindu School, she noted that there will be a public draw for the first 500 lots in the program.

She said 40,000 people applied for the lots in the past four months. And officials have selected 10,000 of the applications based on a points system.

"I told our Minister of Housing, that this plan must be 100 per cent transparent… and I told him that no one should ever wonder how or when the land is being distributed," she said.

"I told Minister Moonilal, that every one of them must have an equal chance…
Our land for the landless program must be fair and responsible to all citizens… 

"So the Ministry came up with a new system for this program…Out of the 40,000 applications, 10,000 persons were shortlisted based on a point system detailed in the application form. 

"Points were given based on several criteria, including family size, persons with disabilities, state employees and more…
"Out of the points system, 10,000 persons have qualified for the program. And I maintain, the allocation of the land for the landless program must be fair to all citizens, no matter religion or race or politics or space or place or gender… 

"Everyone must have an equal chance to own a home…

"That is why, next Tuesday, on May 21st…anyone who has been shortlisted, will know if they have been chosen for one of the first 500 lots of land, allocated under this programme.
"500 sealed receipt numbers, will be drawn from a transparent container that will have all 10,000 shortlisted applications. All 10,000! Fair and Equal! 

"It will be randomly drawn in front of a public audience and on national television.
I will not stand for any backroom deals or persons names being moved up the list."

The Prime Minister explained that getting selected among the first 500 doesn't automatically guarantee allocation of a lot.

"There is a process of verification as you will have to meet set criteria.
Next week I will fill you in all the other ways we are moving to help you with the construction of your home," she said.

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