Sunday, April 28, 2013

AG won't probe Warner, says that's for police to do

AG Anand Ramlogan
Attorney General Anand Ramlogan told the Express newspaper Saturday he would not probe former minister of national security Jack Warner, adding the police are the more appropriate authority to conduct any investigation.

The paper said Ramlogan explained his position in a telephone interview in which he said: "The allegations against Mr Warner relate to his dealings in FIFA. The most appropriate legal authority to investigate those allegations would be the TTPS under the directions and guidance of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP)...

"There are no allegations against him in his capacity as a minister or as a public officer of the State and misuse of public funds.

"My jurisdiction is limited to civil law and it is difficult to pursue a civil remedy in absence of wrong. If, however, there is evidence that would justify such an enquiry involving the misuse of public funds then I would have no difficulty in pursuing the same.”

The Express said Ramlogan noted that there is a four-year limitation period for civil matters but no limitation in criminal law.

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