Sunday, April 28, 2013

Jack changes course; opens party office

Citizen Warner at his former MP's office Saturday
Jack Warner on Saturday changed course as citizen Warner. One week ago he was Minister of National Security, Chairman of the United National Congress and Member of Parliament for the Chaguanas West constituency.

He resigned his cabinet post last Sunday and the next day he quit as UNC chairman. On Friday he handed in his resignation as MP for the constituency and advised the Speaker of the House of Representatives that his resignation would take effect at midnight Friday.

On Saturday morning he returned to office, voluntarily stripped of all title. Now the sign on the office that was the MPs office has changed.

Warner's resignation has created the need for a by-election, the first since the May 24, 2010 general election. The rules state that the election must be held not later than 90 days from the date of the seat being declared vacant. The Prime Minister would decide on the date, which can be much earlier that the 90 days.

The former MP told his constituents on Thursday night he would offer himself for nomination as the UNC candidate for the constituency and pledged loyalty to his party, saying he is "UNC to the bone." He also stated that he supports his leader.

However, one of the UNC's deputy leaders, Roodal Moonilal, was quoted in the local media Saturday as saying the UNC would follow its normal screening process and Warner and anyone who is interested in contesting the seat for the UNC would be considered.

This means that while public opinion suggests Warner has been an excellent MP, there is no certainty that he would be the UNC's nominee for the by-election although the sign at the office carries the UNC logo.

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