Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Cordner repeats allegations that CoP, Minister knew of NFSINU

Mervyn Cordner ... Guardian photo
Mervyn Cordner insisted Monday that acting Commissioner of Police (CoP) Stephen Williams knew about the the New Flying Squad Investigation Unit (NFSIU) since October last year. 

The retired policeman told reporters that's when the names of 45 applications for the unit were sent to Williams. The police chief has said he ddoes not wish to answer questions on the matter.

Cordner’s said: "I met the CoP in the corridor and the applications were handed over to his assistant. I am saying that 45 applications for the members to be precepted were handed over. I do not know what happened next.” 

Cordner also claimed that National Security Minister Jack Warner sanctioned the operation but did not provide any supporting evidence to back his claim. Warner has stated that he did not know of any flying squad. 

"There is a not a single citizen who could stand up at the level of integrity that I could stand up to in T&T. I have spent my entire career performing a duty with nobody pointing a finger at me," Williams said when asked about the allegations.
Stephen Williams
He added, "Holding the office that I hold, I have to be careful, because everything becomes a story. I will have my timing to deal with every single issue." 

He insisted that he would not be drawn by the media into answering questions about Cordner because "I already spoke". He added, "I am saying that what I said before has not changed. I do not want to go into discussing anything. The next time I make a statement it will be a statement to deal with everything."

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