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From the archives: Cordner named in Scott Drug Report

From the Report of the Commission of Enquiry into the Extent of the Problem of Drug Abuse in Trinidad and Tobago (1987):

Page 19
4.7 "A peculiar directive of the Commissioner in the opinion of the Commission was that he had to be informed in advance before any raids, which were to be carried out on suspected dealers.

"Another surprising instruction, which destroyed the vital element of surprise on the part of this Squad was that another unit, the Flying Squad, had also to be informed in advance of any raids.

"In some instances, these raids were futile and members of the Narcotics Squad formed the firm opinion that the occupiers of the premises were being unquestionably forewarned.

"In one instance, a very prominent drug dealer was even found to have a record of the unlisted telephone number of the Commissioner. Moreover, it was alarming to learn that drug dealers could boast of having policemen transferred and to threaten to have others transferred.

"There is abundant evidence of a close relationship between the Commissioner and more than one known drug dealer and further mention is made of this later in this report."

Page 20
4.8 "Indeed, with the disbanding of this Narcotics Squad in early 1980, in what was apparently a mischievous administrative decision by the Commissioner, the police attempt to control and curtail the incidence of illegal drug use became far from effective.

"According to the evidence, this police function the Commissioner now allocated fully to the Flying Squad. Lamentably, from the evidence before the Commission, the Flying Squad was undoubtedly totally undisciplined and equally unfortunately, bereft of proper supervision.

"In fact, the Commission was informed that the Flying Squad was headed by a certain group termed variously, "The MI5" or "CI5", whose members were a virtual law unto themselves as they were regarded as being special "blue-eyed boys" of the Commissioner and thus not accountable to anyone.

"This situation was well known throughout the entire Service resulting in a most serious breakdown of discipline. The names of members of this group have been repeatedly mentioned in the evidence before the Commission as persons involved in the drug trade and in the commission of many corrupt acts.

"It is to be lamented that such a delicate and important sphere of activity fell under the control of such a grouping, which engaged in despicable acts all of which have undoubtedly brought the Service into disrepute. The names of this group are now set out hereunder:

ASP Carrington
Inspector Leache
Sergeant T. St. Louis
Sergeant M. Cordner
Corporal Lynch
Corporal Gibbs No. 8111
P.C. Mitchell No. 8403

"This list of corrupt policemen involved in the illegal drug trade is by no means complete and a more extensive listing is detailed later in this report."

Page 52: (The reference is to the Flying Squad ... of which Cordner was a member):

2.12 "The Commission strongly recommends that all members of the notorious "MI5" or "C15" as named be removed completely from duty within the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service. Their continued presence there can at best be a disincentive to good production by policemen who may wish to work well.

"Alas, one of these, Inspector Leache, is now acting as an Assistant Superintendent! Special mention must be made here of both Commissioner Burroughs and Assistant Superintendent R. Pierre as both have done much disservice to the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service in the opinion of the Commission that it is difficult to recommend lesser remedial action."

Page 48
11.1 "There is no doubt that Trinidad and Tobago is now faced with a very severe and complex problem of drug abuse. It has been established that the use of illicit drugs is now commonplace in all strata of its society by persons of all ages and of both sexes.

"Evidence before us disclosed its use by school children, both primary and secondary; teachers; policemen of all ranks; entertainers; magistrates; bankers; businessmen and even Ministers of Government."

11.2 "Regrettably, the most recent evidence available to the commission does not indicate any dimunition in the use of these substances. It is to be appreciated, however, that there is a likelihood that the habit is now so well ingrained in the populace at large that a very large number of people have a craving for these drugs and that they are under pressure to satisfy this craving even by resorting to crime."

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