Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Letter: COP like a schoolyard bully; party is resurrected ONR

There used to be a party named Organization for National Reconstruction [ONR]. It appeared to challenge the PNM and ULF as a third force for control of the government. For a good while it drew mass appeal through a glitzy, glamorous campaign. In the end it faded away after gambling everything on itself and winning nothing. Third forces don't stand a ghost of a chance in our matrix.

Everyone acknowledges the Congress of the People [COP] is the 21st century edition of ONR, with a twist: unlike its ancestor, the COP swallowed its false pride and joined with political groups opposed to the People's National Movement [PNM] to challenge for votes of the people. 

The People's Partnership triumphed. Kamla Persad-Bissessar is the Prime Minister. The PNM is out, but weeping and gnashing its teeth and pulling out all stops to get back in.

Does the COP care? From its conduct, I doubt.

In power finally, the COP's original genes immediately began chooking it. Day in, day out, COP operatives kept shouting how they are the brains of this, the essence of that, the guiding light of the other, the mainspring, the compass, the moral underpinning, as if to suggest everyone else was debris. 

Today, the COP is a pale and pitiful reflection of what it advertised itself to be in 2006 when it was born: COP 2013 is fully ONR, a pompous creature that doesn't belong to or represent the grassroots of our population, routinely adopting the style of a schoolyard bully who must have it his way or no game.

Who in their right mind is surprised the COP is now preening itself and demanding a re-distribution of seats in the upcoming Local government election? Certainly not me! But I'm just one voice. 

Tickle me pink, if it was I who had to meet the COP negotiators, I'd pull a George Chambers on them. Remeber, Chambers had said, "They too wicked! Not ah damn seat fuh dem!"

Princess Orie-Collis (Mrs) | Curepe.

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Jai & Sero

Jai & Sero

Our family at home in Toronto 2008

Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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