Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Contradictory reports about De Lima at PNM meeting

Vernon De Lima: "I have never been to George Bell's house."
The Express newspaper is reporting that a man who says he attended a People's National Movement (PNM) meeting at the home of George Bell confirmed that Vernon De Lima and Barry Thomas were present at the meeting.

The paper did not identify the man. However it said the man reported that both men were present in the meeting that was held in Bell's living room where everyone present introduced themselves by name.

The Express claimed that the man said he was invited to the meeting on February 23.

National Security Minister Jack Warner first raised the matter of a clandestine meeting at Bell's home when he spoke in Parliament on a bill to precept soldiers. Warner said the meeting discussed plan to use crime statistics to try to destablise the country. He also said former COP executive member Vernon De Lima and a man he identified as "Solider Barry" were at the talks. Warner said "Soldier Barry" spent time in prison.

The Express said Bell confirmed that a PNM meeting was held at his home at Maracas, St Joseph, but said Bell stated that the discussions were not about destabilising the country as claimed by Warner. 

The Express said Bell did confirm that Thomas was at the meeting. However Bell denied that Thomas spent time behind bars, the Express said.

However Bell told the Express De Lima was not there. In fact he said he doesn't even know De Lima. With respect to the meeting the Express report said Bell confirmed that a group of citizens met to discuss the state of the country and come up with solutions. 

The man who spoke with the Express said the people at the meeting discussed  using the crime situation to inform the people of the poor governance of the People's Partnership government by advertising and promoting heinous criminal activities that were committed in the country.

"The man claimed further that talks centred on Local Government elections and also reclaiming the St Joseph constituency seat for the People's National Movement," the Express report said.

The Express said it contacted De Lima about the information from the witness. It said De Lima replied: "That is impossible because I have never been to George Bell's house."

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