Friday, February 8, 2013

Winter weather causes CAL to cancel flights

Severe winter weather NY
Severe winter weather has caused Caribbean Airlines to cancel several flights for Friday and Saturday out of New York. Three flights operated out of New York before the cancellations:

  1. BW010 Dep JFK 0630 Arr Montego Bay, Jamaica -   0945
  2. BW501 Dep JFK 1030 Arr POS 1625
  3. BW521 Dep JFK 0645 Arr POS 1240
The following flights for Friday 08th February are now cancelled:
  1. BW524/525/ POS/JFK/POS sectors are cancelled
  2. BW526 GEO/JFK/GEO
  3. BW500 (renumbered BW3500/09 Feb) POS/JFK/POS
  4. BW015 KIN/JFK
  5. BW014 JFK/KIN
  6. BW017 KIN/JFK
  7. BW011 MBJ/JFK
The following flights for Saturday 09th February are now cancelled:
  1. BW527 JFK/GEO
  2. BW010 JFK/MBJ
  3. BW016 JFK/KIN
In an online advisory, Caribbean Airlines apologised to all disrupted passengers "for these unavoidable weather-related cancellations". It added, "All contingencies are in place to resume full service when conditions allow."

The airline has advised passengers to check its website as well as Caribbean Airlines and Air Jamaica Facebook pages or call the following telephone numbers for flight-specific information

  • Trinidad: 1 868 625 7200
  • Jamaica: 1 888 359 2475
  • Caribbean toll free: 1 800 744 2225
  • Caribbean Airlines North America toll free: 1 800 920 4225
  • Air Jamaica North America toll free: 1 800 523 5585

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