Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mitchell - "I am Up for the grand bargain"

Grenadian Journalist Calistra Farrier was present on Wednesday afternoon at the swearing in of Keith Mitchell as the new Prime Minister of Grenada. She sent JYOTI the report below.
PM Keith Mitchell - Photo courtesy Mikey Hutchinson
Prime Minister Dr Mitchell has announced that his first order of business is an emergency meeting with the top executives in the ministry of finance.

During his inauguration speech Wednesday afternoon, Mitchell, serving his ninth term as Grenada’s leader, said he wants to get a full briefing on the state of things so his government can effectively hit the ground running.

Mitchell won an historic second clean sweep of the polls at Tuesday general elections, wiping the Tillman Thomas NDC off the political stage. 

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Mitchell, who acknowledges that his government will have a tough time leading a recovery of Grenada's ailing economy, called on all Grenadians to work together.

The new NNP government has to present a budget in a matter of weeks and meet public the payroll for public servants at the end of the month.

In a speech, which sought to set the tone of national unity and inclusiveness beyond political affiliation, Mitchell said, “There will be no harassment of opponents of the NNP government”.

He added, “There will be no witch hunt of public servants and no one will be punished because they supported another party. 
People who are performing, we do not care about your political label. Just do the people’s work,” he said to loud applause.

He called for a uniting of the country’s human capital, noting that it would allow "us as a nation" to face any challenge.

The prime Minister said that in the next few days he will deliberate on his executive team. He said he is committed to having a full Cabinet in place by early next.

Cabinet positions will not be given based on winning, the new Prime Minister.

“It will be a smaller cabinet than the last one as we seek to create a certain economy of scale through particular synergies and manage the administrative expenses in an era where every dollar we can save will be crucial in providing fundamental social services to the people of our country,” Mitchell declared.

In the last few days Grenada shone brightly as an effective democracy that can seamlessly transition power and a nation of serious people who fully understand and appreciate the task ahead.

“It was a long and tough campaign but winning was not very difficult. Governing will be difficult,” the Prime Minister acknowledged.

In a speech that was all about facing the reality of the dire economic state of the country and providing hope going forward Mitchell said his government is not daunted, nor will it be overwhelmed, “because we are confident in the ability of the people of this nation and we are clear that there is no challenge we cannot face down as a nation collectively”.

Mitchell said out of both responsibility and respect his government must duly consider whatever good ideas the opposition may have that will benefit the nation and give them the credit, since, as he put it, Grenada would be the winner.

“I am up for the grand bargain,” he quipped, saying that the people have put their trust and faith in him to help realize their dreams and aspirations.

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