Thursday, February 21, 2013

New poll suggests opposition will win 2-1 majority in Barbados election Thursday

Barbadians elect a new government on Thursday with opinion polls predicting a victory for the main opposition Barbados labour Party (BLP).

However Prime Minister Freundel Stuart is saying his Democratic Labour Party (DLP) is still the best party to take the country forward. The DLP won 20 of the 30 seats in the 2008 general election under the leadership of the late David Thompson who died in office in 2010.

“In the final analysis, the assignment in this election is coming down to a government that once again can be trusted,” he said on national television Tuesday night.

The Electoral and Boundaries Commission says 247, 211 voters are eligible to cast ballots. That's a small increase over the 243, 501 in 2008.

Journalist Rickey Singh said in a political commentary there is no precedence for restricting an incumbent party to just one term. He wrote: "Although pollsters and social commentators continue to give the edge to the BLP, both Bees and Dems are attracting significant levels of support at campaign meetings and lingering speculation about “swing votes” in indentified marginal constituencies."

The latest poll doesn't share Singh's views. The survey by Caribbean Development Research Services Inc (CADRES) suggests that the BLP could win between 17 and 20 of the 30 seats and return Owen Arthur to the prime ministership.

The DLP is downplaying the polls and is telling its supporters to get out and vote to keep their government in office.

“It is not on the ground, we are not feeling any desire to get rid of this government. The only place we are finding that is the BLP, the polls and some areas of the news media,” BLP campaign manager, Robert “Bobby” Morris told a news conference.

“I am therefore saying to Barbadians, hold faith with your own feelings. All members of the DLP must come out and vote on Thursday,” he added.

The BLP is doing the same, telling its supporters to change their government and stay in line with the change taking place in regional politics.

“We are on the home stretch and when you are on the home stretch, you keep the pace...there is a cool wind blowing from the west, and tonight (Tuesday) in Grenada, the people said ‘yes we are suffering too badly,” former Opposition Leader Mia Mottley told supporters at a public meeting on Tuesday night.

Arthur has told supporters that if Stuart is returned to office, the economic problems, high unemployment would persist “especially if you put in charge of the economy somebody who does not know what he is doing.

“Barbados therefore has become the victim of a false philosophy that causes you to believe that the economy does not matter and in your own personal circumstances you are in a position to contradict Freundel Stuart and tell him you are hurting,” Arthur added.

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