Monday, February 25, 2013

Marlene "taken aback" at what happened in Sea Lots

File: Marlene McDonald. " the middle of their grief this is what is going to happen?"
The MP for Port of Spain South, Marlene McDonald, said Sunday she was "taken aback" when she learned that police had to use tear gas and rubber bullets to quell a protest in Sea Lots, Port of Spain, that erupted after a speeding car killed a woman and her two young daughters.

She spoke with reporters when she visited the area. The Express newspaper reported her comments:

"I'm kind of taken back that the police threw tear gas and fired rubber bullets and whatnot because this accident really brought out the emotions in people, and what they have to realise is that different people react differently in the face of tragedy.

"This thing concerned the people and agitated them, and in the middle of their grief this is what is going to happen?...
I am not blaming the police for what they did, but they need to understand emotions are a hell of a thing."

Minister of National Security Jack Warner expressed condolences to the relatives of those who died in the accident. "It is a tragedy of immense proportions and I am advised by the police that they are investigating all aspects of it," Warner said. "Until I have a report from the police I would not say much more," he added.

Warner said he understands why people would be angry and said he hopes that the tension would ease. "I know that there may be one or two persons there who might be hard-headed but, by and large, the rank and file of the people in Sea Lots are still law-abiding citizens and I would expect that common sense will prevail," he said.

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