Monday, February 25, 2013

Speeding car kills mom and 2 daughters; Warner says 'robust investigation' started

Accident victims - mother and 2 daughters killed by speeding car.
Top photo shows the wrecked car (Express photo) 
Jack Warner told reporters Sunday police have started "a robust investigation" into an accident on the Beetham Highway in Sea Lots that caused the deaths of Hadeey Paul, 29, and her two daughters Ruthie, 8, and Shakira, 7.

Media reports said the family members died instantly Sunday morning when a private car driven by an off-duty policeman struck them as they were waiting to cross the highway near the Central Market. 

There were three other victims - Amanda Lalla, 26, Abigail Assing and Ryan Dahl - who are still in hospital.

Within minutes of the the tragic incident the people who live in the neighbourhood mounted a huge protest. 
Angry protests at Sea Lots. Guardian photo
team from the Guard and Emergency Branch (GEB) went to the scene to maintain peace but their presence caused an escalation of the problem. 

The officers used rubber bullets to control the protesters, some of whom were injured. Police also fired live ammunition in the air to disperse residents tried to throw debris on the road to block the flow of traffic.

The National Security Minister said he would not rush to make a judgment on what happened. He said investigators would do what tests are necessary, including a breathalyser test.

Warner said he was told of the protest. "Something like this can cause any community to be angry but at the end of the day we have to understand that an accident is an accident." He hoped the anger to subside and for common sense to prevails. Warner also extended condolences to bereaved family members.

The off-duty officer who was driving the vehicle is assigned to the Port-of-Spain Division. His colleagues took him to to hospital for treatment of what is said to be serious injuries.

Police sources told local media based on the extent of damage to the vehicle it is clear that the officer was driving above the speed limit. This year 29 people have been killed on the roads; the figure for last year was 188.

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