Monday, February 25, 2013

No magic formula to fix crime problem: Warner

File: Jack Warner 
Jack Warner told reporters on Sunday there is no magic formula to solve the crime problem in Trinidad and Tobago and suggested that parents and community leaders to take their children back to the churches, temples and mosques.

The National Security Minister said every citizen has a responsibility to help in the fight against crime. He said parents, especially fathers, must recognise they cannot abdicate their responsibility to their children.

"We ask ourselves what is the reason for this whirlwind of crime that we are reaping today? We ask ourselves how did this happen? We ask ourselves where did all this crime come from?" Warner said.

"There is no magic wand that anyone could wave in this country to stop crime altogether or even murders. I continue to say that we shall do our utmost and, for the time being, I give the assurance once again that we shall eventually have it under control. I remain the eternal optimist in the fight against crime," Warner said.

the minister noted that criminals migrate from so-called hotspot areas to other parts of the country whenever they feel threatened by increased security measures.

"If you observe the trend, whenever you lock down hotspots in particular, then these criminals move outside these hotspots and move somewhere else. And, therefore, one of the things you see is that when these hotspots are on lock-down, there is an exodus.

"I would also tell you too that the anti-gang legislation is now in full force. Nine gang leaders, so far, are in prison. Don't ask me who they are, their names and so on, but I will tell you that many more gang leaders shall also be in prison."

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