Sunday, February 3, 2013

Kaiso fans pelt Sugar Aloes with roti and toilet paper

Sugar Aloes serenades the PM ... it's the performance that got him in trouble 
There was a time when the crowds at Calypso shows embraced and loved Sugar Aloes (Michael Osuna), whose lyrics were usually in praise of the People's National Movement.

But Sugar Aloes changed his tune recently, singing good tunes about the People's partnership. He made his first PP appearance in May last year at the party's anniversary rally when he came on stage with Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar singing 
Tarrus Riley's "She's Royal."

That ticked off PNM supporters and some people even suggested that it was wrong to sing that song for the PM.

Read the Commentary: 

On Saturday the calypsonian was attacked with wet toilet paper and wrapped rotis when he took the stage in the second half of the Calypso Fiesta at Skinner Park, San Fernando.
There were placards denouncing Sugar Aloes. One read: "Sugar Aloo-es is Wuk Ah Wuking Fuh Curry Dollar$." He took it in stride: "I still love allyuh. Raise them toilet paper high," he remarked.

The crowds also went after another calypsonian who has been singing PP praises - The Original De Fosto, Winston Scarborough.

Eleven finalists will compete in finals for $1 million as the top prize.

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