Sunday, February 3, 2013

No police flying squad: Jack Warner

A report in the Guardian newspaper last week stated that the police "Flying Squad" unit formed many years was operational again and had been helping in the fight against crime.

But it turns out that it is not true. 

According to National Security Minister Jack Warner the squad that operated under the direction of the late Randy Burroughs has not been resurrected and will never be resurrected.

Warner was speaking with reporters following a play park handing-over ceremony at La Paille Extension, La Paille, Caroni.

The Guardian report claimed that the squad has been secretly operating since July last year. Warner denied that. "Nothing is further from the truth," the minister said. 

He also made it clear that the acting police commissioner, Stephen Williams, does not know anything about such a unit in the police service. He said he spoke with Williams Friday and Deputy Commissioner Mervyn Richardson and neither of them know of any such squad. 

Warner noted that the "Flying Squad" operated in the 1970s using crime-fighting techniques that are obsolete in 2013.

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