Sunday, February 3, 2013

Poll suggests presidential election should be by people vote

An opinion poll conducted by the North American Caribbean Teachers Association (NACTA) suggests that the most appropriate person for President of Trinidad & Tobago is former Chief Justice Satnarine Sharma. 

NACTA said he is the favored choice among all ethnic groups. 

NACTA added that the poll also suggests that the overwhelming majority of respondents disapprove of the partisan manner in which the President is elected and want the process changed to allow the electorate to choose the president in a national vote. 

NACTA told JYOTI people complained that the current constitutional arrangements for the electoral college to elect the president is undemocratic because it doesn't give a voice to the people in making this very important choice. 

The agency said the governing party always has a built in advantage with its majority and always elects the person it chooses, making the election a "sham". 

The People's Partnership is working on constitutional reform. However NACTA said people are disappointed the process is not moving quickly enough on campaign promises on such matters as electing the President, the power to recall MPs, term limits and fixed election dates.

NACTA said it interviewed 390 respondents reflecting the demographics of the population. 

Pollster Vishnu Bisram said 81 per cent of respondents want the system changed while only eight per cent like it the way it is.

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