Monday, February 4, 2013

Guest commentary: COP must know its place

The Congress of The People (COP) keeps bewailing over everything without understanding whatever ails the Congress of The People is of the Congress of The People's own doing or imagining. As I see it, there are four ailments which, to varying extents, have affected the People's Partnership due to the COP:

Ailment 1.
Even from during the 2010 General Election campaign, the COP went berserk, targeting UNC's well-oiled, well-proven electioneering machinery in the constituencies COP was given to fight. UNC people were either NOT welcome, or received sneeringly in those constituencies. From Diego Martin to Arima, the story was the same.

So intense was the unwarranted COP-fostered animosity against UNC that COPites abandoned their home constituencies in droves (where those home constituencies had UNC candidates) and went to "soldier" in greener pastures (constituencies where they had no connection but where there were COP candidates).

Ailment 2.
Immediately after the 2010 election, in the constituencies which COP "won" the COP upped the anti-UNC ante by increasing the hordes of foreigners: every "COP" MP's office was taken over by COP operatives from outside constituencies - the UNC locals were humiliated and ordered to leave.

The humiliation of UNCites after 2010 was too thorough not to be premeditated and concerted from on COP high. So pervasive, even inside Cabinet meetings and PP MP retreats, vicious, unsubstantiated attacks were launched against key UNCites by COP MPs who would have never seen the inside of Whitehall without the knowledgeable and pragmatic help or intervention of the UNC's well-oiled, well-proven electioneering machinery.

Ailment 3.
In the 2010 Local Government Election, the COP wilfully and imperiously nominated candidates where they weren't supposed to have any. The debacle which ensued was played out in public by the COP from its very highest level.

Thus began the PNM's "resurgence" and the PNM's and media's vitriolic stream against the People's Partnership, for those anti-PP forces perceived the COP's foolhardiness as a devilish chink in the PP's armour, an unexpected fault line gifted to them whereby they could prise apart the government God had put together.

Ailment 4.
Then came Section 34. By now, thanks to MP Herbert Volney's frank confessions and dissection of the unholy Genesis of Section 34, only a blind ostrich would continue to deny the COP's complicity in the entire matter.

All the above in part identify the main flashpoints which triggered the attacks against the Prime Minister and the UNC in particular by the COP and other opportunists. The attacks are launched day in, day out.

To date, the attacks haven't brought down the government.

Regardless the future date, they never will.

When a vibrant organism dies unexpectedly, a post mortem is performed. None was done following 2010, because 2010 wasn't morbid for us, it was the dawn following the long night - a long night born of the treachery of a few who had no mass political base.

But dawn heralds sunrise, a time of birth when diligent, vibrant and freedom-loving people become wide-eyed, not go to sleep!

Let the COP continue its shiftlessness and griping! See if it won't be jettisoned by the wider population, a wider population which has little patience with imperialism and which has no time for virulent or never-see-come-see leaders!

A word to the wise is always enough for fools rush pell-mell where angels fear to tread.

Ayodele Chieng | Irving Street, Petit Bourg
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