Sunday, February 3, 2013

Rajendra Dubay's Daily Inspirational thoughts - Stand Tall

Always stand tall. Fearless, courageous, brave, bold, stand tall, stand tall.You bow to almighty God, no one else, stand tall.

Live properly, pray, give charity, stand tall. 
Help the needy, care for the elderly, stand tall.
It is okay to feel fear, but you need to act in spite of fear; stand tall, stand tall.

Once the Goddesses and Gods are with you, fear no mortal, stand tall.

Once you step out courageously, fearlessly, unseen forces come to your assistance. Stand tall, stand tall.

Be not afraid to break from tradition, be not afraid to speak up, to speak out. Stand tall.

Your heart knows best. Follow your heart; act boldly, stand tall.

Almighty God shields the virtuous, God invests in them, God guides them, follow God and stand tall, stand tall, fear none. 
Protect the weak, stand up for them. Protect women, protect the aged, protect children. Stand tall.

Destroy arrogance wherever you meet it; open the door to humility; topple the mighty, lift up the poor. Stand tall, stand tall.

No one said that life would be easy; no one said that it would be a holiday. When you choose to stand tall, you make life easier for others and your time here can seem like a holiday. Stand tall, stand tall.

by Rajendra Dubay,
spiritual counsellor,
© Copyright Rajendra Dubay, All Rights Reserved,
contacts: cell 1-868-762-4433

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Jai & Sero

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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