Monday, February 4, 2013

Letter: Express newspaper owes the AG an apology

I support the West Indies Cricket Team and the PNM despite their ups and downs. 

I therefore never applauded Aussie "demon", Glenn McGrath. Nor T & T's current Attorney General, Anand Ramlogan, the constant thorn in PNM's side. If politics was cricket, Ramlogan would be gone, because of age. However, as a stickler for fairplay, I always get annoyed when a team unfairly tries to get the edge over the other, even when the other is a team I don't personally like. 

Yesterday's Sunday Express front page headline was blunt, like a Michael Holding snorter. It said, AG sues Wendy. Prominently positioned next to the headline was a large full-colour photograph of my hometown's favourite, Wendy Fitzwilliam. Yesterday's Sunday Express front page story was an unfair attack on Mr Ramlogan. Since it simply wasn't cricket, I must intervene.

The photo of curly-haired, demurely-smiling Wendy looks alluring and prompts you immediately to spring to her defence. But, don’t be fooled, it was more like a Muralitharan doosra. Run behind it and you'd surely lose your wicket, seeing the article itself debunks its own caption.

Wendy was the Vice President/General Manager Business Development at Evolving Technologies and Enterprise Development Company Ltd (eTecK). She was in the eTecK top drawer, not 12th man, or poster-girl. She cannot avoid responsibility for decisions made by eTecK while she was there. The headline was therefore an unsportsmanlike bit of bait and switch, designed to whip up animosity between Trinbago’s predominant ethnic groups.

Listening to today’s morning call-in radio shows confirms many have fallen for it. Callers expressed anger over the AG’s “unfair attack on a beloved Afro-Trinbagonian”. None mentioned John Soo Ping Chow, eTecK's former Business Development Manager, who was added to the list of defendants along with Wendy. Not surprising. The story mentioned her four times as often as him. The disparity suggests the AG is more interested her than anyone else.

Senior officials in any organization are expected to explain or take the rap when things go wrong. We need to build such a culture quickly if we are ever to join the premier circles on the world stage. The article indicates nothing sinister about the AG’s motives. It says the lawsuit concerns bigtime losses incurred by eTecK. The e TecK lawsuit is a step in the right direction.

Finding no fault with Mr. Ramlogan's latest move concerning this lawsuit, I ask the Express to apologize to him and all its sensible readers over its cheap potshot. Express must also resolve to play the game the way the game was intended to be played, for journalism is a noble profession, not a frantic by-any-means-necessary pursuit of increased online presence or hardcopy sales.

Be a good sport, Express! Will you see it fit to publish this letter? If you do, simply describe me as a "Concerned Citizen".

Dr. Pedro Dos Santos | Rich Plain, Diego Martin
and Ft Lauderdale, Miami. Fl.
(here for the Carnival)

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