Friday, January 18, 2013

Letter: Disappointed in PNM leadership

The racist call by Hilton Sandy for his PNM sycophants to stop that ship from Calcutta waiting to sail into Tobago has gotten the desired results.

The two subsequent vociferous protests by Tobago PNMites against our Honourable Prime Minister Mrs Kamla Persad- Bissessar were in direct response to that racist call.

The apologies made by Sandy long after the die was cast were in fact superficial. The spin put by Orville London on the racist remark is an admittance of guilt. To say that Sandy really meant that he was referring to the culture of the People's Partnership government is fanning the flame with gas.

The PNM leadership has failed miserably in their responsibility to their dying party.

Rowley should have referred Sandy to a PNM disciplinary committee for their determination to have him expelled/fired from the party. By not doing so shows they are short of resources and lack the will to be decisive.

Also, London should have compelled Sandy to withdraw himself from the election. His hollow excuse that he has spoken with Sandy demonstrates his softness.

They are also quick to call on our Prime Minister to fire Tom Dick and Harry but all they can do is talk to a racist.

Our Prime Minister has demonstrated more testicular fortitude as a leader in her 32 months as a leader than Rowley and London put together.

That inexcusable PNM crowd moved by Sandy's racist call must know that Mrs Kamla Persad- Bissessar is the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago not Trinidad alone.

Tobago is as much the home of our Prime Minister as Trinidad so when they shout that she must go home shows that they were heeding the call by Sandy to stop that ship from Calcutta. Mrs Persad-Bissessar heads the ship of state. Rowley and London head ships of race, hate, corruption, deceit, mismanagement and destruction. It will do Tobago well to jump on the ship of state.

Lystra Lythe | 
Sangre Grande

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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