Friday, January 18, 2013

Rowley deserted Tobago by refusing to support self government: TOP

Ashworth Jack: "When Tobago wanted their vote, they did nothing. "
Ashworth Jack has told the people of Tobago Keith Rowley's decision to refuse to support the Constitution (Amendment) Tobago Bill is a betrayal. However he noted that it is typical of the styule of the People's National Movement (PNM).

The leader of the Tobago Organisation of the People (TOP) made the charge on Wednesday night after Rowley told Parliament that the p[roposed bill is deeply flawed and he and the PNM would not support it.

"When he was finished, like every other time, he walked out on Tobagonians, and the Rottweiler left the rest of his team to become dumb dogs in Jerusalem. Not a man on the PNM side stood in defence of Tobago," Jack said at a political meeting in Tobago.

Taking his cue from the PNM's election slogan Jack said the PNM lost the perfect opportunity to "stand in defence of Tobago".

"You had an opportunity to give Tobago everything it wanted," Jack said, adding that the PNM leader deserted Tobago when the island needed him the most.

"When Tobago wanted their vote, they did nothing. Tobagonians, you can't give them your votes until they give you your vote," Jack said.

Jack said he is happy that the bill was laid in Parliament at this time because it gives the people of Tobago an opportunity to see what the PNM always had in their minds.

"There must be a reason why our party chose yellow as our colour because red is the blood of Tobagonians that had to be shed. People had to be martyred for the freedom of Tobago," he said.

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