Thursday, December 20, 2012

Letter: Ethnic stocking issue is about economics, not race

The bashing of the People's Partnership administration by the Jamaica Observer which accused it of "ethnic stocking" must be looked at from a financial perspective.

Now that the PM has been accused of ethnic stocking she must do more to provide for us locally and not try to appease our neighbours with a reissuing of a new "ATM card" at our expense.

Remember, it was the PNM under the leadership of Eric Williams and Patrick Manning who lavished our Caribbean brethren with lots of our oil and gas dollars to do everything while our own development suffered so much that despite our windfalls we are still lacking in many areas.

We might have well seen the completed Point Fortin Highway and the hospitals this Government is now scrambling to build had not our wealth gone elsewhere.

It is this PM who closed the "ATM" for the islands. If she also shut down the Petroleum Fund, the plan to link the islands with a ferry service and the subsidised gas pipeline we can see the reason for the attack by the Observer.

So this tantrum about ethnic stocking must be looked at from an economic perspective and not one of race.

Ideally some would like to see a PNM government return to power whereby the gravy train from the Trinidad and Tobago Treasury would start rolling in their direction again.

It's a case of goading the Prime Minister to appease them with more financial pledges.

Roy Nandram | Charlieville

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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