Thursday, December 20, 2012

Letter: PNM must stop trying to fool people

It is truly instructive to look at the backwardness that kicks in each time an election comes around. 

Serious issues are relegated to the back burner and subliminal calls are transmitted to the party herd by appeals to ethnic cohesiveness and party loyalty through character assassination, ethnic innuendo and the resurrection of feelings of nostalgia for times long gone.

This trilateral approach has emerged as a fixture of PNM strategy over the recent past. 

The last of these is the most obvious. For every election in this country for as long as I can recall, this party has sought to conjure feelings of party loyalty by parading Dr Williams’ achievements as “Father of the Nation” as well as his worn photograph — as though he is immortal and continues to transmit wisdom to the ailing leadership, stuck as they are in a time warp.

Then there is the instigation of fear and the conjuring of non-existent threats by the use of semantic tricks.

It is high time that the PNM, Dr Rowley and the two London’s in the THA stop trying to make fools of Tobagonians who by now must be patiently “watching tricks!”.

Steve Smith

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Jai & Sero

Jai & Sero

Our family at home in Toronto 2008

Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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