Monday, November 19, 2012

Thousands attend Laventille Family Day; Warner pleased with camaraderie

Santa drops in with gifts for children at Sunday's Laventille Family Day (Guardian photo)
Jack Warner is pleased with the response to his first ever Laventille Fun and Family Day, which was held Sunday at the Grand Stand of the Queen's Park Savannah. The National Security Minister called it a resounding success.

"I am very pleased with the quality of the different firms and the ministries. It is a very high level and I am also very pleased with the attendance today, especially the young people. 

"But most importantly I am happy over the eye-opener I have seen in terms of job vacancies that are now open to all those people who came out here today. That for me is the icing on the cake," he told reporters.

He added that a special unit would assess the event and a monitoring team will check on people who applied for jobs at the event. And he said it is the first of more family days planned for 2013 in south and east Trinidad.

It was a costly affair; the budget was $4.5 million. He dismissed critics who felt that it was too much to spend on the people of Laventille. 

"For a country that spends $32 million on the MV Sue that has not sailed a single day or minute and nobody is too concerned; for a country that spends almost $1 billion on Tarouba Stadium and not a ball has been bowled and the list goes on and on, I am amazed at the sudden concern about $4.5 million to help Laventille," he said.

He wondered why other expenditure is never challenged. "Is it that Laventille doesn’t deserve that? Is that what people are saying? That Laventille does not deserve $4.5 million?” he asked.

“They didn’t quarrel for the Sue, they didn’t quarrel for the Tarouba Stadium, they didn’t quarrel for all of the overruns it have with all the buildings and so on. 

"They didn’t query a hotel at National Academy for the Performing Arts (NAPA) that for four years hasn’t been opened yet, over $50 million, and this goes on and on…something has to be wrong with this country. I am asking again, does Laventille not deserve $4.5 million that will give them a new dawn, a new era, a new hope?"

The event was more than sports and fun and games. Santa Claus arrived by helicopter bearing gifts for the children and experts were at some booths teaching people how to write resumes and prepare to apply for jobs.

Olympic gold medallist Keshorn Walcott was also there. Warner was pleased. "Today for me has been a tremendous success. For me it has been an eye-opener. I have seen more employment opportunities here today than ever before.

"I have seen some of the booths where people are able to learn how to write resumes and letters and so on…I have seen some things in food production where you can, in your small backyard, grow food and have a livelihood.

“I have seen a level of camaraderie, a level of togetherness here by all the communities in Laventille which never happened before. If nothing has been achieved, this has been achieved in terms of one family."

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