Monday, November 19, 2012

Letter: Angry PP supporter attacks Guardian for bias in reporting

It was once called the Jamette of St Vincent Street. They say one cannot change one’s basic nature. And so it is with the Guardian . It remains a jamette on St Vincent Street.

The dictionary of Trini words gives the following definition of a jamette. “A brash and shameless skanky woman. What separates a jamette from just your average whore is that she is shameless and flaunts her skankyness.” For those unfamiliar with the word skanky, it means dirty, foul smelling or unattractive. In other words a skanky woman is a dirty whore or slut.

I wonder whether the Guardian is pleased with this description of itself as a paper which markets itself, logo included, for being the “guardian of democracy (supposedly).”

The Guardian which has less than 15% readership has sunk to the lowest to begin to get readers and sales. It decided to bring in Maxie Cuffie, an unrepentant PNM and another Editor to boost its fortunes. 

So powerful is the lust for the mighty dollar that the Guardian was prepared to trade its so called ethics and journalistic integrity for a one night stand. It thought that if it became a real jamette dressed in high heels and red lipstick, with pom pom shorts it would become attractive. It thought that if it could parade naked on the footpaths of Port of Spain, people will be attracted to it.

And so it did the undoable. It decided to lie to the people and claim that the PP Govt had lost the arbitration. And further it did so on the day the PNM were holding their Convention in Port Of Spain. Was this a way to boost the PNM? It sure has backfired. 

Maybe Maxie gave this advice to go after them. Read the Guardian every Sunday and it has become a bulldog against the PP Govt. This is of course why Maxie was hired. To lick up the government. The Sabga Chain may want to at least go one step further and say why they have chosen to hate the government. 

One lesson the Sabgas should learn from this episode is that you cannot defeat truth and justice. The PP Government acted in the country’s interest. There is nothing wrong if the Guardian were to declare that it has taken a political position against the government. 

There is nothing wrong in doing that. At least the people who support the government will know who is for and who is against their government and then they could act accordingly like deciding to boycott Honda, Jaguar, Mitsubishi, BMW, Range Rover, as well as move their money from Ansa Merchant Bank . They could decide to boycott Standards and Tatil and also not put any ads on the TBC Radio network and CNC3.

In other words the people who support the PP could decide they do not want to risk getting HIV infected by sleeping with the jamette from St Vincent Street. 

Just like the people are going to support good grocers like XTRA Foods at Grand bazaar, they will not support the Guardian. We must be bold and let those who wish to destroy us that we also have power, the power to choose!

The one thing you will not get from the Guardian is an apology. But the reality is that the paper now has no credibility and as well the reporters are now viewed as lacking journalistic integrity. Good journalists have now been stained and discredited. Such is the result of sleeping and associating with a jamette.

Funny thing is that they don’t care. Shameless as they are, what can you expect?

Chandra Harnanan

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