Monday, November 19, 2012

London predicts victory in THA election will lead to victories in LGE and General Election in 2015

Orville London ...
seeking 4th term
as THA Chief Secretary
Orville London has headed the Tobago House of Assembly for 11 years. And in the January 21 election, the THA Chief Secretary will be running for an unprecedented fourth consecutive term.

And he told reporters Sunday the election is important not only for the THA and Tobago, but for Trinidad and Tobago as well as the future of his party - the People's National Movement (PNM).

London is PNM Deputy Political Leader. He was celebrating "Tobago Day" Sunday at the party's Balisier House headquarters in Port of Spain.

London predicted that if the PNM win the THA election in January it would also win in the Local Government Election. He said that would propel the PNM back into government with a victory in the 2015 General Election. 

At the same time he warned that defeat in the THA election would signal that people like what they have. "And I know we don't like it so," he added.
He said the election would be about the people of Tobago. He described the coming election as the first phase of "a crusade to save Tobago and to save T&T." He even predicted that PNM Leader Keith Rowley will be the next PM of Trinidad and Tobago.

Rowley told supporters, "We stand side by side with you in defence of Tobago's heritage."

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