Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Mayor Lee SIng to deal with "coconut mafia" in POS

Port-of-Spain mayor Louis Lee Sing said on Wednesday there is no Coconut Vendors Association and coconut sales around the Savannah are controlled by one family.

Lee Sing was reacting to a media release from Baldeo Babwah on behalf of the Coconut Vendors Association. 

Lee Sing told reporters if there is such an association there should be some documentation. "Where are their minutes, their constitution, their by-laws? Let us start there. I have asked for copies. There are none,” he said.

The mayor charged that one family is monopolising the sale of coconuts near Queen’s Royal College. 

Babwah's release stated that Lee Sing requested a meeting with coconut vendors to discuss a $700 a month charge on the vendors and the regulation of the trade.

The coconut vendors called on Local Government Minister Dr Suruj Rambachan to intervene.

Lee Sing has admitted that he asked the vendors to pay the corporation $700 a month and that the city plans to restrict the number of carts to six. "The whole place is being turned into a marketplace. We can’t have the whole place with coconut carts," he said. 

Lee Sing said the vendors make a lot of money so it's fair to ask them to pay the city. He said vendors on Charlotte Street also pay $700 a month and work fewer days than those around the Savannah.

Lee Sing acknowledged that he requested the meeting with the vendors "to regularise and sort out the matter".

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