Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Letter to PM Kamla: "I beg you, Ma'am, leave Dr Wayne Kublalsingh to his self-appointed fate".

As we speak, I have seven (7) family members or close, close friends hovering near Death's Door due to medical conditions which are baffling local doctors. 

Four (4) of them are in ICUs of public hospitals, two (2) in private hospitals, the seventh is at home, where he insisted to be. The oldest is sixty (60), the youngest is fourteen (14). Only the one (1) at home has the means to cover all related medical expenses; those in private hospitals, thank God, are adequately covered by group medical plans. 

All those details are necessary to set the background for what I'm going to say. Essentially, what I wish to say is that despite numerous "help us" appeals to several high officials (in writing and face-to-face conversations), no positive response has been forthcoming, only twiddling of thumbs, hand-wringing or "bullragging", leaving me to feel that these officials believe the gravely ill had brought their plights upon themselves and or were deserving of their poor health.

You will consequently excuse me for being totally flabbergasted and highly annoyed over the Prime Minister's orders to the Health Minister: that he pull out all stops to ensure prompt and appropriate medical care and facilities for one Dr Wayne Kublalsingh who has taken a deliberate decision to kill himself in his fit of petulance over her government's rejection of his Reroute Movement's suggestions concerning a piece of the highway to Point Fortin. 

How could you do such a thing for Dr Kublalsingh, Madam Prime Minister? 

If the man wants to starve and thirst himself to death, let him do it! Unless, as happened with Cheryl Miller, it is suspected that he's out to lunch, in which case, the ambulance from St Ann's is the one that needs to rush to his rescue.

On behalf of the many thousands of persons legitimately facing Death out there wherever, I beg you, Madam Prime Minister, do not divert scarce state medical resources to tend to this man. 

Use those resources (and get more) to tend to persons legitimately ill. I remind you how you just a few days ago declared that, as Prime Minister, you are not afraid and will always walk in the light in order to shun the darkness. 

How on earth can you side with a man who has turned to or attracted known purveyors of doom and gloom in furtherance of his personal ambition? 

I do remember we fired someone who was prepared to sleep with the devil to get his way. We put you in his place, we don't expect you to embrace anyone who shares his hellish philosophy. Remember, madam, birds of a feather flock together.

Madame Prime Minister, you are the beacon we elected to guide Trinidad and Tobago (and the Caribbean) out of darkness and into future that is bright and beautiful. 

Do not forsake that solemn duty by pandering to the foolhardiness of one erratic man who has resorted to those who wish to send us back to infamy. 

I beg you, Ma'am, leave Dr Wayne Kublalsingh to his self-appointed fate. 
History will record that fate according to what he really is, was, does and did. If he departs, it won't be due to you, it would be his own making, not yours, for history, as is, tells us all that he has always been a very stubborn man, once he holds on to a cause.

Lyndon Gibbs-Guillard | Irving Street, San Fernando.

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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