Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Letter: House of Balisier does not welcome everyone

Dear Editor,In my house there are many mansions, that's why it has room for all.

In the other house, only balisiers flourish; and balisier patches, as we know, are the the favourite haunts of very dangerous creatures.

We have seen over the years the behaviour of persons of my house and of the other house when they come into office, as a result we are able to compare and contrast. 

As humans, as expected, from time to time in each house some have fallen short, but, the difference between my house and the other house (apart from the fundamental attraction) is that in my house, whoever has led it is never afraid to discipline misbehaved officials; in other words, in my house, winning the next election is never the number one priority: doing the right thing at all times is.

So, when I see persons from the other house rumbling in the open, making unseasonal calls for my house to pack up shop over mistakes that have been corrected, it doesn't take much for me to conclude what they're trying to do.

I simply reflect on the compare and contrast evaluation (as just outlined) and realize it's the only thing they can do, since they believe no one besides them must be put in power, even though power is a thing which, in the hands of humans, inevitably would lead to its erroneous use at times. 

The measure of a true leader resides in her ability and willingness to recognize and deal with mistakes as and when they occur, no matter the cost to her popularity (for popularity to a politician is like form to a cricketer: it fluctuates without impacting on classiness).

As far as my limited knowledge allows me, I am completely convinced the persons from the other house know in their hearts that what I've just said is the truth. 

That's why outwardly they would take faults that are common to all humans and twist them as though only my house as the source of the infection. 

I must concede they are some of my house who sometimes try to push that dotish head: for instance, there are a few who, at one time or the other, would look at Laventille or Beetham and say the culture of those places typify the other place (as if to belittle Laventille and Beetham). Thank God, my house has always been led by persons who immediately backhand such nonsense, thank God!

I cannot say the same though of those who have led or lead the other house: consider how every move my house made or makes to highlight and improve the good of those neighbourhoods has been met with open or passive resistance by the other house. (Strangely, after a while they would turn around and claim that my house is neglecting the same neighbourhoods.)

In light of all I've said, is there any other way to sum up the other house, other than to describe it as being a party that has little regard for the citizens living down in the flood plains, and that, as a result, genuinely believe that they and they alone must govern?

If you can find some other explanation, please bring it forward; if we don't resolve this thing quickly, we may all very well unravel.

Liz Awai, (Cellphone: 731 3355) |Bagatelle, Diego Martin, Trinidad.

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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