Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Equality Council writes Rowley about racist statement

The Equality Council of Trinidad & Tobago has written to Keith Rowley about a statement attributed to a PNM supporter calling Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar a "Hindu demon". The letter is transcribed below:
PM Kamla performing Divali puja 
4th November 2012

Honorable Dr. Keith Christopher Rowley
Leader of the Opposition
Office of the Opposition
Charles Street

Dear Sir:

It was with great interest that the Equality Council of Trinidad and Tobago [ECtt] looked on at the recently concluded march in Port of Spain on Friday 2nd November to lodge the Opposition public protest of Section 34 proclamation. 

Indeed our democracy is alive and doing very well when such a protest can be conducted without any form of interference from the Government and that such protest can be covered by the national media without any form of restrictions. 

ECtt remembers vividly when protests against the Government were held in Chaguanas and around the Red House met with the brute blunt force of the police and army as directed by a government fearful of the legitimate democratic expressions of the people.

ECtt feel compelled to write the esteemed and respected office of the Leader of the Opposition to seek clarification on an issue which arose from the aforementioned march on Friday last. On the public address system a person being identified as a Peoples National Movement speaker loudly shouted

“A hindu demon leading this country. Is Kali puja." The Trinidad Guardian of Saturday, November 3rd quoted the words of the person. The ECtt wishes to obtain the strongest condemnation from the PNM on this issue and indeed the position of the PNM regarding the issue of race and religion which is now once again being injected into the national discussion.

WE have observed that within the last two years of the present opposition life which you held stewardship that not a single Hindu national occupied the position within the Senate and of course no Hindu sits in the Lower House in the Opposition ranks. 

We note also that while over the years in government that the PNM conspicuously absented themselves from Divali celebrations such as the Nagar and any form of observance, however in opposition the PNM lighted deyas in Baliser House last year and this year attends the Divali Nagar.

ECtt calls on the PNM to make clear and definitive actions and not statements which indicate that it supports a plural Trinidad and Tobago and that the PNM does not represent one ethnic and religious group. ECtt is deeply concerned that the practice of the PNM to discriminate against Hindus is once again emerging within the PNM while window dressing is being done to appear otherwise.

We anticipate that this missive will be treated seriously and not ignored if the PNM is serious about being viewed as embracing all nationals. We anxiously await your response.

Yours truly

Barrington “Skippy” Thomas
Vice President

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