Tuesday, November 6, 2012

UNC calls on IC chairman to resign over partisan ad

The United National Congress (UNC) on Monday expressed "its strong disapproval" of an advertisement involving the Chairman of the Integrity Commission Ken Gordon and The Chief Secretary of the Tobago House of Assembly, Orville London. 

And the party has called on Gordon to resign.

In a media release from the party's chairman, Jack Warner, the UNC stated that the ad shows that Gordon has a sectarian alignment and raises questions about whether Gordon can serve the interest of the people.

"The publication of the advertisement came at a time when the Chief Secretary of Tobago House Assembly is the subject of investigation by the Commission," the release stated. 

"This advertisement compromises the integrity of the Commission because it raises questions given the close affinity showed by Mr. Gordon and Mr. London whether a fair, just and unbiased investigation can ever be conducted...
"Mr. Gordon needs to be forthright to the people of Trinidad and & Tobago. If he has political desires or interests then the decent thing to do is to declare such interests and resign from the position as Chairman of the Integrity Commission. 

"However, to hold on to the position and align himself to a political party in the middle of an important election is untenable.

The UNC...sees this advertisement as a deliberate act to validate Mr. London and the PNM in Tobago prior to the THA Elections and send the subliminal message that Mr. London is clean and that there is nothing to investigate.

"What makes it even worse is the fact that within the PNM quarters there is not a single statement condemning the actions of the Integrity Commission’s Chairman.
"Is it because of the unfair advantage they perceive this advertisement has given to the PNM that stands as the basis for their deafening silence on this matter.
"The old adage that “justice must not only be done but must also seem to be done” remains true.

"Given the circumstances, therefore, the national community will never have any confidence in any justice that will be dispensed under this Chairman of the Integrity Commission.
"The UNC strongly disapproves and strongly condemns this advertisement. In the same light the UNC calls for immediate resignation of Mr. Ken Gordon, Chairman of the Integrity Commission," Warner said.

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