Friday, November 30, 2012

Cabinet prays for Kublalsingh; distances itself from statements at political rally

File: Anil Roberts
Sport Minister Anil Roberts told reporters on Thursday the cabinet said a collective prayer for Wayne Kublalsingh to end his protest and eat so he can "continue fighting, not only for the Point Fortin Highway issue but many other issues."

Roberts told the media, "Before the Cabinet notes were brought, the entire Cabinet stood and, as is customary, we said a prayer and in our prayers we prayed for the health of Dr Kublalsingh, for him to take sustaining liquids and that he would be A-OK and we also commended his stick-to-itiveness and his will."

He added, "The entire Cabinet would love for Dr Kublalsingh to eat so that he can continue fighting, not only for this issue but many other issues as he moves forward. So we all prayed for him.” 

Reporters quizzed Roberts about the reaction of the leaders of his party - the Congress of the People (COP) - which was radically different from the one taken by some cabinet members. 

COP leader Prakash Ramadhar has said statements made by some of his cabinet colleagues were in poor taste. And former COP leader Winston Dookeran has called for compassion and compromise in the matter.

Roberts, who co chaired a UNC political meeting in Debe Monday night, left questions about the conflicting positions for Communications Minister Jamal Mohammed. Mohammed told reporters the only position of the Cabinet on the issue is the statement made by the Prime Minister last Thursday at the PM’s media luncheon. 

"We stand by it and that position hasn’t changed at this time," Mohammed said. 

He made it clear that the statements made on Monday night by UNC MPs Jack Warner and Roodal Moonilal at the political meeting in Debe do not represent the views of the government . Both men were highly critical of Kublalsingh, dubbing him a "fraud" and a "conman". 

With respect to Moonilal and Warner, he said it would be unfair to say if they would be censured for speaking out at a political event.

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