Friday, November 30, 2012

Kublalsingh sorry about cursing health minister but not about abusive behaviour

Wayne Kublalsingh and friends
Wayne Kublalsingh on Thursday apologised to Health Minister Dr Fuad Khan, saying he was sorry for cursing him. However the leader of the Highway FReroute Movement made it clear that he was not sorry for his abusive behaviour.

The minister went to see Kublalsingh last Monday and offered assistance both in his capacity as a medical doctor and the minister of health. Kublalsingh became angry and used obscene language as he ordered the minister to "get to f#@k outa here" as he walked out on the Khan.

"He was out of place to come and provide a Government ambulance. We have a private ambulance that is funded by my family and relatives and we don't really want the State to provide anything. 

"I think it was a way of mamaguying me to say that the State is interested in me and interested in my health," Kublalsingh told reporters.

Here's the Youtube video of the encounter. The poor audio at the beginning is on the original video.

Kublalsingh also said on Thursday he is ready to end his hunger strike and would do it if the Prime Minister agrees to a proposal submitted by the Joint Consultative Council's (JCC).

"I feel it is a very good proposal and we just have to wait and hear what the Prime Minister says about it. In the meantime we wait," Kublalsingh told reporters.

He said once an independent committee is properly constituted with participation from his group "I would step down from the hunger strike."

Kublalsingh admitted that he does not know what to do next. "We have kind of reached toward the end of ideas, it is like we have reached the end of a chess game and we don't know which knob to push again," he said.

He expressed concern about the stress that is being put on his family and his supporters but is still insisting that he will carry on. "I am not going to stop and if I have to sit here by myself, I would do it," he said in response to a suggestion from a member of his family to move away from outside the Prime Minister's office to a more comfortable place.

"I have to remain here. You see if I'm out of here, I'm out of her conscience and they would say I am eating food home," he said.

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